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With fashion schools churning out thousands of budding designers every year, coupled with an intently fueled desire on part the masses to reinvent themselves constantly to put their most fashionable foot forward, the country’s fashion scenario is one with immense potential for all those who want to have their share of the cake.

In this situation with talent aplenty, the big question would not be that of maintaining equilibrium, but that of who bucks the trends and still manages to come up trumps! Ameetha Mathew a budding designer from Bangalore speaks to The Confused Fashionista about her designing career and what it takes to do it right and make yourself visible in the ever growing crowd…

A brief about yourself and your journey towards embracing fashion and design…

” I did my B.Sc in fashion and design at Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, in  2007. While I was there I was among the twelve final designers for the coll show.  I had also received an award for being in charge of  a fashion event in college. After I passed out in 2010 I worked with Tommy Hilfiger for two years. Currently, I have started my own label, ‘SONRISA BY AMEETHA’. With the label I design western and indo-western clothes for women and that too at very reasonable prices ”

What got you interested in fashion designing?

“I’ve always wanted to be a designer. I’ve been very passionate of my own possessions – clothes, shoes, bags, etc.  I love putting an entire look together and it never necessarily had to be all big brands ”

What is the first piece of clothing that you have designed?

“My first piece of clothing that I had designed was a blouse for a sari which I put together for an occasion”

What are your current modes of functioning?

“As of now my clients are just friends and family. After every design I draft I put up the corresponding pictures on Facebook.  I customize the designs based on what my client needs.  I meet my clients, design based on what they have in mind , provide suggestions and make modifications wherever needed. And currently I operate from home”

Who are your personal favourites when it comes to designers?

“My favourite designers are Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Wendell Rodricks and Masaba are among the Indian designers. And Roberto Cavalli, Marc jacobs and Oscar De La Renta  among the international designers”

What is your personal favourite amongst all the pieces you’ve designed and why ?

“My favourite design has been a white and lavender gown that I designed for myself a fashion show I organized to showcase my collection. I love the flow and drape of the fabric and design”

What do you think are the challenges presented before a young designer in the present day?

“Now designing has become so competitive. Every third person is interested in designing and so many new ideas are coming up. The challenge is to be different from the rest but at the same time be liked by the people as well. It becomes imperative that we follow all the trends of every season and keep up with it”

What are your plans for the future?

“My plans for the future as of now depends on how well I do right now. But I do plan to have an online portal where my clinets can just log in and shop for whatever they want”

For orders or further queries contact Ameetha Mathew at 08105590939

Go Hoopalicious!


This is a classic fashion statement that has carried itself from the 70s, through the 80s n 90s and has managed to still find space in every woman’s jewellery box till date. Whether coloured, embellished or just plain metallic, a pair of hoops has always been handy in dressing up or dressing down an outfit. Some wear it with their hair up to add drama to the piece they are wearing while some prefer to hide it behind their tresses and create a more subtle impact.

Hoops are instant attire enhancers and hence even a dull outfit can be dressed up with a simple pair of hoops. The bigger the diameter, the larger the drama and impact.  Also, a small pair of coloured hoops can add a whole lot of vitality to an outfit.

Hoops have been popularized earlier by rock bands which had their female groupies sporting colourful pieces with their loud make up. Even today the closest association of hoops are with the same free spirited culture and as such it’s mostly the youth who are seen sporting this accessory.

Hoops are versatile in nature and can be teamed with all kinds of outfits and can be worn at different occasions depending on their type.
A simple metallic hoop in gold or silver can work wonders with solid colours and prints. Though it’s mostly associated with western dressing sensibilities, nowadays there are pearl clustered and diamante embellished hoops which can be combined easily with traditional outfits as well.





The bright, flashy Spring Summer Sale windows are slowly making way for more earthy and sober renditions of the next collection that the fashion and retail world has to offer the masses. Having enjoyed the privilege of mind blowing price cuts and discounts that just passed by, customers make way to the malls to check out what has replaced the dazzling greens, pinks, aqua and yellows which was a favourite of the last season.

The Fall Winter collection has basically witnessed a range of hues like emerald green, creams, beiges, maroons, rusted browns, deep blues and the all-time favourite black with pop ups of coral and pink. The previous seasons most cherished discovery, the coloured denims, have managed to retain their place in this season as well in deeper and more sober shades, while the short strappy jump suits have made way for full length body suits with all kinds of fancy sleeves. Dresses have moved from casual cottons to chiffons or other heavier drapes in satin and its blends. Jackets and light sweaters have already made their way to the aisles, in a variety of non-conservative cuts and colours. There’s still plenty of lace on the stands which is mostly a welcome extension of the Spring Summer collection. The floral prints have made way for bolder prints and motifs or just plain solids. Cuts and colours have preceded the other details while flowy silhouettes have given way to structured fits. Skirts and pants are available in a variety of orthodox cuts and colours to suit the on-going theme of the season.

So now the big question is, how does one adapt their wardrobe to incorporate the elements of the winter collection without burning a hole in their pockets or casting aside the clothes they enthusiastically gathered during the previous season? The only way to start manoeuvring your wardrobe is by starting out with purchases of a few basic elements which are crucial to start the acclimatization process. Winter is synonymous with classy elements hence here are a few suggestions on what you could start with


Invest in a well-structured and fitted Jacket that isn’t too flashy. Colours like the traditional brown and beige or even deep blue would be ideal for this. Jackets are the smartest piece of clothing to invest in this season as along with keeping you warm, they help conceal or underplay the colours and cuts of what is worn underneath it giving you enough space to wear your purchases of the previous season.


After enjoying the comfort of wading around in flip flops, it’s time to make a switch to covered footwear, and ballerinas or pumps go well with the undertone of most winter clothing. You can pick them up in colours like wine, rust, and beige to match most of the elements of your wardrobe. They are orthodox yet highly feminine and go with almost all kinds of clothes that you wear.  They even score a full ten on the question of comfort.


Scarves are usually statement accessories that transform any piece of clothing almost instantly. A few scarves in pop up colours like coral, pinks, and emerald can be teamed with your clothes to dress it up without giving in completely to the dullness of winter.



Coloured Denims

 The coloured denims this season are sober in hues unlike last season, and hence can even be worn by people who are scared to experiment with loud colours and stayed away from them last summer. Emerald green, brown, maroon and deep blue are the favourite picks this season. These denims keep you comfy in the cold without dropping too low on the style quotient when combined with corresponding tops and accessories.


Dresses in light wool or blended and synthetic fabrics, if bought in basic cuts and colours, can be combined with different accessories in order to suit different occasions. They can be worn with stockings to create a conservative look, or a jacket for a more casual feel. With broaches being used widely these days, it can also be used along with these dainty pieces to add to the classiness of a dress.

With these pointers in mind and an array of stores to browse through, the personal stylist in you can successfully ensure your transition to this winter fashionably with minimum hiccups. So happy shopping! 🙂